#TheCountdown : Yearbook Pictorial

Yearbook pictorials are probably one of the highlights of your graduating year. I was really excited for this one, because we get to wear a toga for one of the photos. (The big photo above is how the toga looks like.) Even before the pictorial began, all of us went vain to the ultimate level. Selfies here and there. We were just having so much fun capturing everyone’s smiles.

I seriously look a little different with make-up, so I thought that my pictures would look like I’m someone else. I was so scared because duh, yearbook photos are forever! But when I had my photos taken, luckily it turned out pretty great! Hehehe. I think that they would email us the photos once they were edited so I seriously could not wait! I loved how my toga photo turned out, because I was aiming for the photo with the toga to be the most decent one. Hahaha!

Even though I felt really happy about the yearbook pictorial, I somehow feel sad because this only proves that we are totally graduating in 6 months. I know that 6 months is a long time, but I feel that time really flies so fast. In less than a month, the first semester would end and I don’t know how I would feel about that. Senior feels all over the place. 

#TheCountdown : 30th MPDC


Finally! I had some time to blog about this amazing trip before I go back into crying myself over requirements. Last September 4 to 8, I was in City of Golden Friendship, Cagayan De Oro. The trip took 10 hours, because there was no direct flight from Zamboanga to CDO. If we rode the plane, it would be too expensive because we would have a connecting flight from Zambo to Cebu to CDO. Thus, the road trip. I was scared I won’t make it alive, because I tend to have severe motion sickness. But guess what? I made it without vomiting even once! Yay for me! When we got to CDO, the trip was so worth it because the city was just beautiful. We were lost and stuck in traffic looking for our hotel, but it was okay. We got there a day earlier that the start of the debate tournament, so we had a little time to stroll around malls. Debate tournaments consume that whole day, so we took the chance of being there early to go to Centrio. The mall was just big. HAHAHA! I am seriously not a clothing shopper, so the first store I went to was………. yeah, National Bookstore. We don’t have a legit bookstore here (#ProbinsyanaProblems), so I took the oppurtunity to buy books. HEHEHE.


The following day was the start of a hectic day. We went to Xavier University in the afternoon and strolled around it for a while. It was just big. HAHAHA! I adore the campus so much. Their buidings are so much alike the ones here in ZC, it made me feel super nostalgic. Our convening room was in the Little Theater (trust me, it’s not that little). 


See? Not so little.We spent hours inside that room. Just chatting, then worrying about the next debate round, then chatting again. Hahaha!


Our official ID. Yay for adjudicators! I miss debating, tho.



Lol at random selfies. Btw, that group pug shirt and an Adventure Time shirt with the name “Fionna” in it were the only shirts I bought. I told you, books! Hahaha. 

Btw, I was just so amazed how people there value pedestrians lanes. I love it. I seriously get pissed when people jaywalk here in ZC, but in CDO you can actually get caught for jaywalking o_o scary!


With my classmates : Moky & Jermiss! :-)


My hand turns really pink when I hold something cold, I’m sorry. Hahaha! This Cookies and Cream ice cream was just heaven! I was lucky because when I went there, they were about to close, so they scooped all the Cookies and Cream ice cream left on my cup! Happy kiddo :-)


This is how our surroundings looked like from the hotel. We stayed in Casa Isabella, which is literally a five minute walk away from XU. We had exercise everyday. We somehow memorized the stops and turns of Divisoria, because we would always find a fast food store for our breakfast and lunch. Hi Jollibee and Mcdonalds! Hahahaha! Plus, we were so amazed because convenience stores were practically EVERYWHERE. Thus, we lived and breathed Cheetos every night. 


This was taken during our last night in CDO, at the Dynasty Court Hotel where we had our finals dinner. The hotel was really cool, it had this sort of Victorian vibe. Meet all my Ateneo Debate Congress babies! Technically, we call them our babies because we will be leaving next year and yeah….. *sobs

Blogging about this makes me feel super duper nostalgic and remember everything. From the trip, to the debate rounds, to everything! Really hoping to come back to Cagayan de Oro even though it would mean going to a ten hour trip again. I miss you, CDO! ❤ 

Hi guys yes I am alive! I have things to blog about, like seriously. I had a trip to Cagayan de Oro (which was extremely amazing) and we just had our yearbook pictorial! :( them graduation feels tho. Can’t blog this Saturday, because it’s ACET! Even tho I’m not applying, they somehow use it as an evaluation of all Ateneo schools ie country. So wish me luck! Hopefully everything turns out great. See you soonest! 

PS : Happy 25th monthsary bebe. HAHAHA! ❤

#TheCountdown: Welcome to Olympus

Sticky note: Yes guys; I do exist. I won’t go summarizing why I was inactive, because probably you guys know the reason why. I won’t say that I did not have time, because believe me, I had a lot. I had nights where I was not doing anything, but I was lazy to open up the computer and blog. I am not that active as well with other social media accounts. So say hello to your very own socially awkward penguin. Now on to the post: 

How our stage looks like!

If you have been reading my latest posts, you know how excited I am for this event. I could talk about it for the whole day. Last August 18, everything I was imagining came into reality, we had our Greek Fest.

A photo op after my make-up and hair was done!

I decided to become Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Not that I think that I am the wisest, but Athena being associated with owls, which I am super addicted with, we would make a perfect pair! 

Say hello to my mom!

My ever supportive mom did my make-up! I had a choice to hire someone (and to avoid my mom being stressed), but I love how my mom does her make-up, and I love how she accents my eyes! Why look for a make-up artist, when your mom could it for you (besides it’s free)!

As a part of the Greek Fest, we were tasked to come up with a play involving all of the gods and goddess that we were portraying. Honestly, we had a hard time coming up with the story, but it turned out pretty great! 

Here are some photos during the play:

L-R: Poseidon, Aphrodite, Zeus, Athena

During the first part of our play; the tableau

ACE 4 with our ever supportive teacher, Sir Ramsyss!

After we had four shows (which was really exhausting), we really felt fulfilled and very happy. One of the highlights of my senior year! Ciao!  

#TheCountdown: ✓ Hell Week number 1 

Hello everyone! :-) So exams week is over, finally! But our agony does not end right there. It feels like it’s only the beginning. :( 

So I have a lot coming up this week. I am devasted that I missed my last Pista sa Nayon, because my stupid gums had to swell like hell and so I was not allowed to go to school. What a bummer! I have not seen any pictures yet so the intense of how the pista went out is really killing me! We only planbned it the day before, so imagine how hard we crammed! Hahaha! We’re pro at cramming so I can imagine the hustle! I can’t believe I missed it! 

So I have three things that I would have to face in the coming days : Greek Fest, Crimsons Debate Cup and Speech Choir!

We have not practiced anything for speech choir, and it’s on the 25th. Yeah. We’re probably doomed, but hopefully we’re not! Last year, we crammed our presentation 3 days before and we still made it! Hahaha!

I just hope everything turns out okay! I wish I can be more active here, you know. Sometimes I’m just too lazy to blog or nothing just comes up in my brain to blog. Oh well papel. Stay safe everyone!

2 years of hugs and love (っ◕‿◕)っ 

I can’t believe it’s been two years since I said yes, and a year after that first anniversary. It feels so surreal; I never felt how time was flying so fast. See baby, 2 years! I remember how petty we were back then (2 years ago, gahd I feel old), childish fights, everything. I remember how you would get mad if I was not blogging about you (HAHAHAHA CUTE). I remember how mad we would get at each other for childish things; but we never broke up. *fist bump baby. I treasure everything you give me; letters, notes, random papers, even receipts and wrappers (hoarder alert). But of all the things you gave me, the most thing I treasure is your heart. I remember us being so scared about us not going to last, but look where we are now. ;-) I admit I’m hard to be with until now. With all my “tendencies” and stuff like that, I appreciate you for staying even though I would bang on you for everything that happened to me. Thank you for merely being there; for not leaving. Other people may see it as something petty, but I don’t. I appreciate every second you’re there for me. Why? Becuase I know that I am hard to deal with. I’m like hell.

So, yes. Happy anniversary baby! 2 years being with you is like a minute. Even tho, I barely remember how my life was when I did not have you. Looking forward to more years and probably lifetimes with you. Stay cuddly forever, so I could hug you all day. I love you so much. Love, siopao.